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Linda Marianiello

A fluent German and native US-English speaker who studied German at university level and lived and worked in Germany from 1984-1997, Linda Marianiello is also a well established professional musician who translates in collaboration with opera conductor Franz Vote.>/p>

What this means to her clients is that they can rely on her unique combination of language and subject expertise in the translation of all areas of music and the arts—theoretical, academic, creative, performance related, and more.

For the past eight years, Linda Marianiello has developed expertise in literary and book translation. She brings strong writing skills to this field, and continues to hone her abilities through participation in literary workshops and international symposia at the Goethe-Institute Chicago, among others, and by membership in the American Literary Translators Association, among others.

Her specialisms in legal translation and interpreting, marketing, and journalism have expanded over the past eight years to kudos from satisfied clients, as can be seen by viewing testimonials on her downloadable pdf resume under Experience.

Linda Marianiello's clients are always assured of an excellent result, as she brings to her translation work the same passion for grace and accuracy that distinguishes her music. So why not to receive samples of her work and begin the process for a quality translation.

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