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Flutist Quarterly Review of Consolations (MSR Classics 2008)

"Sound is the first thing to grab the listener's attention on this CD...

The flute tone is rich and powerful, but also well shaped and malleable...

The third movement [of the Franck sonata] is performed with a wonderful range of expression, building intensity and strength toward the exquisitely played reprise of the melody at the end. The magnificent Finale is played with a passionate, stirring interpretation, bringing this wonderful CD to a close."

Carla Rees

Masterful Playing

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Online Lessons
with Linda Marianiello

With all of the pressures of study, competition, auditions, and the professional life, it's easy to lose sight of what attracted you to music in the first place. Would you like to reconnect with your original passion for the flute and acquire the tools to achieve your goals? If so, then this online lesson plan may be for you!

Masterful Playing offers the opportunity for you to take one lesson, a series of lessons, or regular lessons online. Flutist Linda Marianiello would like to share her nearly thirty-five years of professional experience with you, and the Internet has made that possible no matter where you live. For more information about Linda's career and recordings, please visit her Powell web page at: Powell Flutes

The ideas of Marcel Moyse are the main focus of Linda's teaching. Mr. Moyse was arguably the greatest pedagogue of the 20th century. His vocal approach to the flute allows us to play more expressively, better in tune, and with a greater range of dynamics and color. And the French school of flute playing also helps us to develop minimal finger movement for faster, more accurate playing, while potentially decreasing our chances of injury.

You can select one of the lesson plans from the inquiry form or design your own. Among the lessons plans you may choose from are: tone development, breathing, Taffanel-Gaubert and other etudes, solo repertoire, chamber music, audition preparation and techniques, eighteenth-century performance for the modern flutist, and changing those unhelpful habits. For inquiries or to set up a lesson, please use this inquiry form.

It's easy to take a lesson online!

All you need is a computer with a mic and web cam. You can use the link below to download the free SKYPE software you will need for an online lesson. And once you have set up a lesson, you may make a payment in advance by simply using the PayPal button on this page.

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