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Flutist Quarterly Review of Consolations (MSR Classics 2008)

"Sound is the first thing to grab the listener's attention on this CD...

The flute tone is rich and powerful, but also well shaped and malleable...

The third movement [of the Franck sonata] is performed with a wonderful range of expression, building intensity and strength toward the exquisitely played reprise of the melody at the end. The magnificent Finale is played with a passionate, stirring interpretation, bringing this wonderful CD to a close."

Carla Rees


Linda Marianiello is a flutist with a vision—to transform music into the 'speech of angels' ... the sprightly high notes and mellow low-range playing of Marianiello's flute were invigorating, and the audience seemed delighted with the results.

—The Washington Post

... Keith Reas and Linda Marianiello team up at organ and flute to play a recital at Woolsey Hall that is devoted to the duos of Bach, Debussy, Mendelssohn and more.

—The Sunday New York Times

The music was terrific ... Linda Marianiello superbly captured the flavor and contemporaneity of C. Ph. E. Bach's Solo Sonata in A minor for Flute

—The Recorder Publishing Company, New Jersey

Linda Marianiello demonstrated that she knows how to shine, showing great sensitivity of interpretation and solid technical skill ...

—Nordbayerischer Kurier, Bayreuth, Germany

The second half blazed forth with highly energetic flute playing ... This was a concert well worth hearing, above all for the beauty of the ensemble and the technical mastery, paired with their completely convincing joy in playing ...

—Landsberger Tageblatt, Stuttgart, Germany

The flutist convinced the public by her pure tone and the immense virtuosity of her playing ... Linda Marianiello, who made a run out to the Falkenberg Fortress from the Bayreuth Festival, was only allowed to leave the stage after a number of encores.

—Der Neue Tag, Nordfranken, Germany
CD: Consolations CD: Dialogues