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NFA Review of Consolations (MSR Classics 2008)

"Sound is the first thing to grab the listener's attention on this CD...

The flute tone is rich and powerful, but also well shaped and malleable...

The third movement [of the Franck sonata] is performed with a wonderful range of expression, building intensity and strength toward the exquisitely played reprise of the melody at the end. The magnificent Finale is played with a passionate, stirring interpretation, bringing this wonderful CD to a close."

Carla Rees

Masterful Playing

Masterful Playing Online Lesson Options

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Tone Development: Moyse etudes, including De la Sonorite, 24 Little Melodic Studies and Tone Development through Interpretation; Thomas Filas, Top Register Studies for Flute

Breath Control: How to extend the breath, control and use the air stream more efficiently, and increase the ability to play legato. Believe it or not, very few flute teachers teach breathing in detail, yet it is one of our most important and indispensable skills.

Finger Control: Taffanel-Gaubert, 17 Grands Exercises Journaliers de Mecanisme; M. A. Reichert, Seven Daily Exercises, op. 5; various Andersen etudes and others

Solo Repertoire: Any of the major solo repertoire for flute that you are currently working on or would like to study again.

Chamber Music: Any of the major works for flute and winds, flute and strings, flute and guitar, flute and harp, or other chamber music configurations. You may coach chamber music with your entire ensemble if technically feasible.

*Audition Preparation: If you are about to audition for college, conservatory, or a job, maybe you would like to play for an additional person and receive their feedback. Here's your chance to take a practice audition and to sharpen your appearance, confidence, and preparation.

Eighteenth-Century Performance for the Modern Flutist: The Handel sonatas, J. S. Bach sonatas, a French suite or sonata, the Mozart flute concerti, and other works of the German and French Baroque. We may also use the Quantz, Solfeggi and refer to sources for performance practice purposes, as the need arises. If you are interested in studying baroque flute, this would be an additional option.

Changing Those Unhelpful Habits: If someone comes to me for lessons, I usually do not ask them to change their playing habits unless they create problems for the player. Problems we may address include, but are not limited to: use of the tongue, breath control, rolling in and out, lip tension, posture, body language, and mental attitudes.

Masterful Playing is intended for advanced high school and college students, woodwind doublers, young and aspiring professionals, and adult students who play at an advanced level.

For information about lesson rates, to arrange a lesson, or to inquire about possible study, please contact Linda Marianiello at beakspeak@q.com.

Thank you for your interest!!

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